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In this post, I ukm thesis proposal you how to use my template and write chapters and sections with it. Lets get start it! Download the template for Microsoft Word and above here: Template in BM 2. Open the template in Microsoft Word not in browser When you open, don’t be surprise nothing is inside.

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Well, of course nothing, that is your task to write: The difference of this file ukm thesis proposal ordinary Word file is the styles and margins that I created according to UKM ukm thesis proposal.

Check the styles on top right of your Word window. You will see list of styles ukm thesis proposal to Figure 1. Refer to Figure 2, if you are not sure how to do it. Navigation pane is very useful tool for you to quickly jump to certain chapter, section or sub-section.

When navigation pane view is active, a Navigation window appears on the left side. The reason I asked you to glossary critical thinking terms concepts this window is so that you can clearly notice what is really happening when we go through this tutorial.

Navigation Pane Now, preparation is ready.

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Lets start to write in UKM ukm thesis proposal. For the purpose of this tutorial, I use the English version. Writing Chapter using Template 1. Leave page 1 empty Later, I want to show you how to generate table of content automatically. So, for now, let it be empty. Creative writing summer camps nyc

The fastest way to do this is not ukm thesis proposal Enter many times, but press Enter once and go to Insert, click on Page Break. By this way, it jumps to next page and leaving page 1 to be empty. Create First Chapter Imagine that page 2 is the first chapter of your thesis. So, go to Home and choose Heading 1 ukm thesis proposal as shown in Figure 3.

Heading 1 Now, if you care about the explanation what is going on here, continue to read. Otherwise, skip reading this step and continue to the next step. When you click Heading 1 ukm thesis proposal, it actually writes “Chapter n” text with white color. So that it wont be seen but appear in ukm thesis proposal pane. Why we need to use Heading 1 but we never mean to show it?

Well, the answer is more complicated. In UKM Style, a figure is numbered with 2 numbers: Microsoft Word can automatically numbers ’2′ if current Heading 1 is Chapter 2.

Templat Tesis Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia)

We can’t do that, because if we ukm thesis proposal ‘Chapter I’, the figure number will be something like this: Microsoft Word cannot convert Roman number to Arithmetic number. I already set that this text appears 5 cm from the top the same distance with 3 enters with 1. If you want to modify anything, don’t use traditional way but instead, you modify the style directly. You can go to Title style, right click and choose modify as shown in Figure 4.

Title Style – Modifying Chapter Style 4. Again, if you want to modify the distance, paragraph, etc, you better modify the style. You can essay generator postmodern to Subtitle ukm thesis proposal, right click and choose modify as shown in Figure 5. Subtitle Style – Modifying Title of a Chapter 5. Type the title of the section. The numbering is 1.

So, anytime you want to add a section, click Heading 2 style. Studied 55 words and studied Sample biographical sketch for thesis more questions. While we do not insist on a definite format for admission onto the.

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